Audio Vocal Training

Do you worry about hall acoustics, wonder if you will be heard or make it to the end of a performance without hurting your voice, have concerns about whether you sound good, if you can stay in tune and in rhythm or will be understood and appreciated?

“We sing with our ear!” wrote the Parisian phoniatrist Dr. Alfred Tomatis. As the son of a singer, vocal issues were familiar to him from childhood. He discovered the significance of audio-vocal control: the voice can only produce harmonic frequencies that the ear of the singer can perceive. Dr. Tomatis found that faulty listening habits can provoke physiological and psychological difficulties and vocal crisis. With his discoveries, he initiated the science of Audio-Psycho-Phonology and developed a method for stimulating the listening and the brain.

As a certified Tomatis practitioner, I use audio-vocal exercises in my teaching, as well as some pedagogical tools: FORBRAIN® is an electronic device for optimizing audio-vocal control through active voice training; the newest version “TalksUp” are electronic devices (the Electronic Ear of Dr. Tomatis) used for home listening training.


FORBRAIN® is a revolutionary pedagogical device. It helps you find and maintain your complete, free and authentic voice projection and expression without imitating anybody! With 10 minutes a day of loud reading, humming and gentle singing, your voice will become round and radiophonic. With long-term use you will build up confidence and well-being through your voice.

Try it out now with:

  • one month money-back guarantee
  • two year warranty
  • one free coaching with me over Skype: ‘marsenski’
  • purchase directly with the company
  • 10% reduction through my affiliation code: 2A1000493
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For TOMATIS home listening training, I rent out (upon deposit) the “Talks Up” device which filters recorded music to reeducate various components of listening:

  • the bone conduction of sound
  • the air conduction and perception of high sound frequencies
  • establishing the role of the right ear as a listening guide

In the case of a vocal crisis, when in-depth individual audio-vocal reeducation is needed, I offer consultations (in person or online), send the electronic device “TalksUp” by post within the EU and guide you with simple exercises to establish good audio-vocal control, so you can get back on stage!

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