Vocal Integration for Professional Singers

Rapid Results for Powerful Performing

Mihailo Arsenski

Vocal Integration for Professional Singers, Rapid Results for Powerful Performing.

The Art of Singing is an ongoing process of learning, growth and integration. Technical efficiency can be built up in an effortless, organic way. We also want to add the essentials: the Art, the Word and the Soul! Intentions, thoughts, feelings and emotions that move us and the listeners.

I grew up, studied and performed in Macedonia, first as a baritone and later switching to tenor. My path subsequently took me to Austria, Germany, Italy and the USA. At the turn of the century I had the luck to come to Paris as a member of the Opera Studio of the Paris National Opera. Paris gave me everything: work with the best operatic artists on the planet over a period of nine years, engagements in France and Switzerland, a family and a double nationality.

In Paris I became fascinated by the body-mind work of the Feldenkrais Method and by audio-vocal integration through the Tomatis Method. I trained in both methods and was certified in 2008 and 2010. In 2011 I moved with my family from France to Munich and discovered my greatest passion: helping singers to realize their full potential.

Mihailo Arsenski
Faculty, Voice Department
School of Music,
Wilhelms University of Westphalia Münster, Germany

The three Pillars of Vocal Integration

Audition Training

Body Integration

Audio-Vocal Training

For Singers

Putting it all together!

Years of study and input from teachers and coaches are very useful and help us progress. Nobody is perfect. However, there is a moment when things simply need to work.

We usually get discouraged just as we have almost arrived at our destination. Just few more steps…but decisive ones!

Due to natural body changes in about 10 year cycles, many singers lose some orientation and need to relearn how to use their instrument and how to redirect themselves.

Vocal Integration takes you through those decisive steps that make a difference and help you to stand out by using all that you know and all that you are!

I engage myself to give you:

  • Accelerated Learning Strategies
  • Effective methods to deal with Vocal Challenges
  • Breakthrough Results in Auditions and Repertoire

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For Managers & Mentors

For Managers

As an agent you are interested in helping young talents. Breakthroughs in auditions or in a key performance are essential to get things going. In case a young singer can not achieve that breakthrough or an experienced artist is going through a vocal crisis you will usually advise your client to seek some help, which may prove difficult to find. I can offer you this support.

As director of an Opera Company, an Opera Studio or director of the Vocal Department in a Conservatory, you are certainly aware of the benefits of body work, enhanced learning, healthy vocal emission and powerful performing. You would like to support your singers to successfully meet the challenges of the profession.

For Mentors

I work in synergy with other mentors such as voice teachers, vocal coach/accompanists, stage directors or conductors within individual and group sessions, Masterclasses and complementary workshops. A course for young singers together with Prof. Charlotte Lehmann and Denette Whitter, vocal coach and director of the Opernakademie Schloss Henfenfeld in November 2013, proved to be very helpful for singers and mentors alike:

“Dear Mihailo, the final concert was really good !!! Everyone could show that they understood something important. I also very much enjoyed working with you.“
Prof. Charlotte Lehmann

Together we can help!

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Prof. Martina Zadro Head of Voice Department Music Academy, Zagreb University, Croatia

INTERNET [ www.muza.unizg.hr ]

Prof. Martina Zadro

In spite of COVID-19 constraints, the Voice Department of the Music Academy in Zagreb managed to organize a successful seminar with guest professor Mihailo Arsenski. He approached each student with equal dedication and offered his insight with exercises to solve individual problems.
Results were immediately audible and the students were satisfied with the information they received from Prof. Arsenski, being part of a structured system with detailed explanation of the effects. The seminar was held in a pleasant atmosphere and the students have gained a new experience, which will surely provide further shaping to their vocal education.

Prof. Martina Zadro
Head of Voice Department
Music Academy, Zagreb University, Croatia

INTERNET [ www.emmakirkby.com ]

Dame Emma Kirkby

“Thanks very much, Mihailo, for your input this morning. It was great to begin with your “Vocal Integration” exercices and for some of us the effect was immediately very clear! After that I appreciated also your input when our students were performing; It’s good to have experienced „outside ears“ with us, and further ideas for free and effective expression!”

Dame EMMA KIRKBY | Neuburg an der Donau, 7. August 2019

Falk Struckmann

Thanks to an internet search with the words “Feldenkrais” and “Audio-Vocal Loop” I discovered Mihailo Arsenski and his “Vocal Integration”. Himself a singer, it was immediately clear to me that Mihailo is driven by the same questions as I am. The collaboration with him was the most effective work that I have ever experienced, and this within the shortest time. As far as I know,  the importance of the topics he addresses are not widely enough appreciated, although they are essential for good singing:

  1. We singers control our sound through bone conduction/resonance. For an optimal bone conduction, an optimal body static is indispensable (without for example a pelvic inclination or a differing leg length). Distorted body awareness automatically affects the quality of the singing (since the singer is not effectively aligned for breathing or controlling his muscle tone…) and this state simply cannot be corrected with vocal technique.
  2. The voice contains only the frequencies that the ear can control. Any limitation of the hearing or listening ability directly affects the voice. Voice production can be influenced positively or negatively through modification of the listening function. Dr. Alfred Tomatis extensively researched this issue (the relationship between bone conduction/resonance and air conduction/resonance) and developed a specific listening test and listening training.

Falk Struckmann |International Bassbariton
Kammersänger, Wiener Staatsoper Vienna and Staatsoper Berlin


Ana Durlovski

What was it like to work with me?
“It is real good fortune and pleasure to work with a person I can understand and connect to and a joy to experience the benefits of exercises which bring immediate answers and solutions to my problems! Becoming aware of the problems doesn’t create dependence on the teacher, but rather enables independent progress in my own work.”

What is the outcome for you?
“With many duties and engagements time is short; I am constantly moving from one project to the next, each with its own challenges and problems.The profit from our short work was that I received information that makes my work easier and enables huge progress. Looking forward to the next meeting!”

Ana Durlovski | Coloratura soprano – member of the Stuttgart Opera Ensemble. Prize “Der Faust” of the German Theater Association for best female opera singer in 2012. Guest: Metropolitan Opera New York, Staatsoper Vienna, Staatsoper Berlin, Bayerische Staatsoper Munich, Semperoper Dresden, Teatro Real Madrid

Joel Frederiksen

What was it like to work with me?
“I found it very comfortable and interesting. I like your dynamic and good-natured way of explaining things. You are obviously excited about what you do and passionately interested in the FORBRAIN® headphone device to help singers. From the first time I met you I was impressed by your passion, which you back up with experience and knowledge. When we worked today, first with Feldenkrais and later singing, I was able to profit from both. The Lamperti exercise with Falsetto was interesting and the work on expressing emotion in the singing was helpful. I liked the way you communicated clearly and gave me interesting exercises today.
I also really appreciate that you came to 2 of my recent concerts and were able to give me insightful feedback.”

What is the outcome for you?
“I think that the single most striking thing is the emphasis on the person as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”. Your particular skills as a Feldenkrais practioner, singer and teacher can help the singer as a complete person.”

Joel Frederiksen | Bass (Munich), Leader – Ensemble Phoenix Munich, Winner of the ECHO Prize 2013

Britta Glaser

INTERNET [ www.brittaglaser.com ]

Britta Glaser

What was it like to work with me?
“You have a very well structured approach to singing and singing technique, a clear concept of crucial details, whilst never losing perspective of the whole, and especially the joy of singing and music-making in general. What a very valuable experience! I’m most impressed by the directness and simplicity of your approach leading to maximum results. For me personally, you do not need to demonstrate so much with your own voice. To clarify an exercise once is enough for me, but I know other students very much like to learn by imitation.”

What is the outcome for you?
“a, a nice set of very efficient little warm up exercises. b, the motivation to just let my voice flow naturally.”

Britta Glaser | Freelance Mezzo-Soprano (Hamburg) – Studied at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig, Royal Academy of Music – London, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Vienna


Thomas Seidel

What was it like to work with me?
“Great working with you, very positive, good emotional connection, very good knowledge about the voice, you say what you think and you work through all voice functions with practical exercises. Your idea and belief in my voice and person left a strong impression on me.”

What is the outcome for you?
“Exercises for daily practice. Especially the emotional connection during singing. It is reassuring for me to know that you are there to accompany me on that >>path of a Tenor<<."

Thomas Seidel | Tenor (Dresden) – freelancer , studied at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” F.-M. Bartholdy Leipzig


Corinna Ruba

INTERNET [ www.corinna-ruba.com ]

Corinna Ruba

What was it like to work with me?
“I had tension in the neck and head due to stress, which made singing difficult and tight. The Feldenkrais session made me relax and improved my overall awareness of my body. I felt very grounded and simultaneously very very light. Tension was gone, the voice was free and round without pressure. I like that you are calm and don’t talk too much during work. Plus, you are a singer yourself, so you know all the problems first hand.”

What is the outcome for you?
“I saw results immediately after the session, so I would recommend it anytime, especially before a concert or an audition. Only after the session could I truly perceive how contracted I had been.”

Corinna Ruba | Sopran (München) – freelancer, studied at The Mozarteum in Salzburg

Alwin Adelmann

INTERNET [ www.alwin-adelmann.de ]

Alwin Adelmann

“The FORBRAIN® really helps me! I work with it and it makes me more aware of “speaking from the belly“.
I would like to sing for you some arias, because I now feel: this is me and this is my voice, that it is supported on the breath. FORBRAIN® helped me for sure and also the exercices that we did. I find a new quality and ease in singing, without effort, that make me incredibly happy.

Many thanks and blessings for your help, Alwin”

Alwin Adelmann | Heldentenor – Nuremberg